Lessons From My 20s: Baby Steps Still Go Somewhere

Okay, I'm gonna be really honest. I hate being patient. I want to run in top gear go as fast as I can as far as I can. The other day I was expressing my frustration that there are certain things I am not able to fully do yet. Dreams that haven't materialized and giftings that aren't as mature as I would like. There are days I am so frustrated internally at how far I still have to go until I can accomplish some of the things in my heart to do.
You DO realize that you aren't even 30 yet right? This is the sort of wisdom my friends offer that I find deeply irritating. Yes. I am 29 (two more weeks people. Get the birthday presents ready) almost 30. Yes, God has given me the opportunity to do some pretty cool things in my twenties. However, I am very driven. I always want to do more. 
I have big goals & impossible dreams. I want to do them ALL and I want to do them NOW. This is where I have to remind myself that things happen in increments. You don't jump over mountains. You climb them. One step at a time. Sometimes going more horizontal than verticle. Slowly gaining altitude. 
I have to remember that a gun doesn't suddenly go off and I just run right into the race I have been dreaming of. Looking back I see how things that seemed so insignificant & so small were things that allowed me to slowly gain altitude. 
Regularly starting to pray for the things I am passionate about. One Step Higher.
Being diligent with the job in front of me. Even if it isn't my dream job. Lungs expanding to hold more oxygen.
Valuing my role as a mom of little ones and not trying to jump ahead. Gaining solid footing.
Keeping faith alive in my heart for the things of God. Another step.
Supporting others who are ahead of me. Even if they are standing where I want to be. Step, step.

Little steps on normal days. Things that build my character. Increasing my capacity. It happens slowly. Gradually & almost unnoticed. Ever so slight adjustments. Baby steps. 
But when I look back, all these baby steps have taken me somewhere. It seems unimpressive and slow. It can be frustrating & I can minimize their importance. God doesn't usually move us along in our journeys by leaps and bounds, but rather with baby steps. And baby steps still go somewhere.