Promoting Others



 Happy Saturday, aka the 5th day of An Uncomfortable January. Today I did another uncomfortable thing.

I was in a meeting where my boss and I were creating a new team to tackle a long-term task. There were a handful of names on the list, but we were trying to think of a few more.

So, I did something uncomfortable. I made a few good suggestions. People who are very skilled and gifted. People who are probably better than me at the job. There was the temptation to leave well enough alone and stick with the list we had. But, I've come across a great concept from John Maxwell recently. According to him, if I am the best person in the room, I am in the wrong room.

So, I bit the bullet. I added better people to the room. Did I just make myself the non-expert? Yes. Did I make myself less impressive? Yes.

Was it uncomfortable? Yes. I like it when I am the most knowledgable and impressive one on a team. I like being the clutch, game-day player.

I'm still vital, I know. But there is something to be said for intentionally putting better people ahead of me so I can learn and grow. That is what An Uncomfortable January is all about.